Temperature effects on death

Authors: Muoneke, Maurice and Childress, W. Michael
Journal: Reviews in Fisheries Science, 2(2): 123-156
Year: 1994
Where: Texas A&M University, and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
fish die on hot day

Scientists at Texas University and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department reviewed the scientific research to find that the temperature of water alters the percentage of fish that later die from angling. Generally, the warmer the temperature, the higher the rate of killing.

"Hysmith et al. (in press) reported that striped bass mortality varied with seasons (temperature ranges unspecified) and was significantly greater in spring (69%) and summer (47%) than in fall (8%) and winter (13%)."

"Welborn and Barkley (1974) attributed differences in largemouth bass mortalities (15.7 vs. 75.6%) in two Mississippi tournaments to water temperature."

"Matlock and Dailey (1981) caught spotted seatrout with baited treble hooks and artificial lures and reported a mortality of 55.6% at temperatures of 27 to 33.5°C."
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Welborn T. L, Jr. and J. H. Barkley, (1974) Study on the survival of tournament released bass on Ross R. Barnett Reservoir, April 1973 Proc. 271b Annu. Conf. Southeast. Assoc. Game Fish Commissioners, 27:512-519.
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