Spotted seatrout and red drum deaths

Catch-and-Release Mortality Studies of Spotted Seatrout and Red Drum in Coastal Alabama
Authors: Duffy, J
Meeting: American Fisheries Society Symposium 30
Year: 2002

This research found that, for sea bass, death after release was on average:

12% for treble hooks
15% for single hooks


"Both spotted seatrout ... and red drum ... are designated as game fish in Alabama and can be taken in Alabama waters only by recreational fisheries using hook and line."

"Spotted seatrout mortality during 1994 averaged 16.3% for single hooks ... and 14.1 % for treble hooks."

"Spotted seatrout mortality during 1995 trials averaged 14.6% for single hooks ... and 9.1% for treble hooks."
fish pain on hooks Red Drum
fish pain on anglers hooks Spotted Seatrout

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