Reproduction disrupted

Authors: Muoneke, Maurice and Childress, W. Michael
Journal: Reviews in Fisheries Science, 2(2): 123-156
Year: 1994
Where: Texas A&M University, and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

This review paper refers to research showing that the stress of being caught by anglers reduces the fish's ability to reproduce and can affect its growth.

"Pankhurst and Sharpies (1992) indicated that hooking-related stress may impair reproductive development in snapper the outcome of which can be manifested in gonadal atresia and cessation of reproductive activity."

"Sublethal hooking-related stress may be manifested in growth retardation and reproduction impairment. For example, Clapp and Clark (1989) determined that the growth of smallmouth bass was inversely related to the number of hooking events."
Pankhurst, N.W. and D. F. Sharpies., (1992) Effects of capture and confinement on plasma cortisol concentrations in the snapper, Pagrus auratus. Attst.J. Mar. Freshwater Res., 43:345-356.
Fish Pain