Pike learn to avoid hooks

Author: Beukenia, J.J.
Journal: Journal of Fish Biology, 2, 155-160
Year: 1970
1. Organization for the Improvement of Inland Fisheries, Utrecht, and Zoological Laboratory
2. University of Groningen, The Netherlands

pike feel pain In this field experiment, five experienced anglers fished in for 3 days for approximately 5 hours a day.

Pike were tagged, captured, tagged, fished again next Summer together with unfished carp.

Individual fish, and then the whole population of the 2 pools learned, and then remembered, that the spinner was to be avoided. This memory lasted for a least one year.

"Five experienced anglers fished in 1967 for 3 days (October 18, 19 and 26) for about 5 h a day."

"The pike used, therefore, had no experience of angling."

"After an initial day of nearly equal catchability with either spinner or live bait of the previously unfished pike, catchability by spinner dropped quickly to very low levels during the succeeding days. This low catchability held during a week at least."

"It was difficult to capture pike more than once by spinning."

"The most likely cause of their lowered catchability is their experience of spinner-fishing."

"Evidently a pike captured once by spinning rarely takes a spinner again (at least during the first few days)."

"Any experience with a spinner hook, whether or not an actual landing follows, is sufficient for learning to avoid further capture by spinner."

"Analysis of the data in three ways yield results which consistently point to quick learning to avoid an artificial lure"
Fish Pain