Keep nets

Authors: Cooke, S, Schreer, J, Wahl, D, Philipp, D
Journal: American Fisheries Society Symposium 31:489-512
Year: 2000
  1. University of Illinois
  2. University of Waterloo, Canada
  3. Kaskaskia Biological Station, Illinois, USA

Scientists caught small and largemouth bass on lures and then held them by different means. With water at 22 degrees in a keep net, nearly 60 percent of the fish died very quickly, with the remaining 40 percent suffering "extreme injury".

"We examined injury and short term mortality of 313 adult smallmouth bass on Lake Erie over a range of water temperatures. Lure-caught fish were retained by one of six methods for three to five hours. ... Fish were then transferred to a holding pen, and their survival over a 48 h period was estimated relative to control fish."

"These results suggest that even at low temperatures, significant injury can occur in response to retention. At higher temperatures, these injuries often result in death."

keep net cruelty

Fish Pain