Mortality rate increases with tagging

Effects of Catch and Release on Physiological Responses and Acute Mortality of Striped Bass
Authors: Julie A. Thompson, Steven G. Hughes, Eric B. May, Wreginal M. Harrell
Journal: American Fisheries Society Symposium 31:489-512
Year: 2002
Where: Maryland, USA

American scientists found that more than an eighth of striped bass later died after being tagged.

"For the study, fish were caught by hook and line at 8°C in winter and 26°C in summer with a medium action spinning rod fitted with a single-barbed hook baited with cut Clutpea harengus. Angling time ranged in increments of one to five minutes before removal from the water when the fish were unhooked, bled, tagged in the dorsal musculature with a serially numbered T-bar tag, and measured for weight and length."

Tagging striped bass increased the mortality by 16.67%.

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