Vocalising pain

Authors: Lilia S. Chervova, Dmitii N. Lapshin
Journal: Proceedings of The Fourth International Iran & Russia Conference
Where: Moscow

Fish, like mammals, have been reported to vocalize when pain is felt.


"Special sounds that are emitted at wounding were also recorded in Misgurnus fossilis [European weatherfish or European weather loach], these sounds were generated by the swimming bladder and were characterized by a frequency spectrum of 0 to 4000 Hz with maxima of 500, 1500, and 3000 Hz and continued for 490 ms, on average."

"According to these parameters, this pain "shout" differed from sounds that accompanied food seizure, feeding, or spawning behavior (Nikolskii et al., 1968)."
Nikolskii ID, Protasov VR, Romanenko EV, Shishkova EV (1968) Zvuki ryb. Atlas (Sounds of fishes. Atlas), Moscow: Nauka.

Fish Pain