Deep hooking - 35% death rate

Authors: Reiss et al
Year: 2003
Where: University of Maryland

When a hook penetrates deep into a fish, it can cause severe damage and death. This research found that the death rate can be as high as a third:

"Deep-hooking (hooking in the gills or gullet) causes up to 35% mortality."

The heart, stomach and the liver are the most likely areas to suffer most:


"Mortality is at its highest when fish are deep hooked. Necropsies performed on gut-hooked fish in a study by Grover¹, found that the majority had sustained major internal damage to the heart, stomach or liver."

¹ Lucy JA and Studholme AL, editors. Catch and release in marine recreational fisheries. Bethesda: American Fisheries Society; 2002. 250p.

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