Killing rate high for a number of species

Authors: M Muoneke, M, Childress, W
Journal: Reviews in Fisheries Science, 2(2): 123-156
Year: 1994
Where: Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, and Texas A&M University

This large and often quoted study, gathers considerable data from:

  • the scientific literature
  • surveys in 50 American states
  • the American Government
  • Canadian provinces
  • research bodies
It examined death caused by anglers. A small sample of the shocking information for the 30 species included in the research is shown in the graph below. It shows the percentage of fish death caused by anglers in different fish.


"We review studies on catch-and-release (hooking) mortality gathered from the existing fisheries literature and from a survey of fisheries management agencies in all 50 states, the U.S. government, all Canadian provinces, and selected academic and research institutions."

"We also solicited input from federal, state, and Canadian provincial agencies, Island Territories under U.S. Administration, and institutions across North America engaged in fisheries research."

"Hooking mortality information was available for 30 species and two interspecific hybrids representing both freshwater and marine species."


"Among salmonids, for which a number of hooking mortality studies were conducted under a range of conditions, mortalities ranged from 0 to 57% for brook trout, 0 to 28% for brown trout, 6 to 25% for chinook salmon, 6.8 to 69.3% for coho salmon, 0.3 to 48.5% for cutthroat trout, 6.98 to 14% for lake trout, and 1 to 95% for rainbow trout."

"Mortalities among centrarchids were relatively high on the average and ranged from 0 to 77% for crappies, 0 to 88% for bluegills, 3-2 to 38% for largemouth bass, and 0 to 47.3% for smallmouth bass."
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