Do fish feel pain?

Do fish have feelings?
Do fish suffer?
This site presents the scientific facts.
Pain Angling Intelligence Opinion

Pain receptors in trout
Pain sensitivity in rainbow trout, cod, carp, sturgeon
Pain responses in central nervous system of goldfish
A and C fibres
Twenty-two pain receptors found in face of fish
Substance P
Brain structures
Where fish feel pain
Forebrain stimulation from receptors in tail
Alternative location of emotional memory
Fish brain equivalence to human
Zebrafish suggested as model to test analgesics
Goldfish analgesic - electricity
Goldfish analgesic - heat
Trout analgesic - acid
Fish prefer pain relief to a rich environment
Natural analgesics
Natural analgesics in trout, cod, carp, sturgeon
Natural analgesics in goldfish, catfish, lungfish, trout
Remembering pain
Pike learn to avoid hooks
Carp remember for a year
Goldfish and trout avoid shocks
Perch and pike remember pain from stickleback spines
Goldfish match colours to avoid pain
Showing pain
Vocalising pain
Smelling fear
Pain overrides fear of new objects
Abnormal behaviour in trout after venom or vinegar
Trout hide signs of pain
Chemical indication of stress
Bass mortality
Spotted seatrout and red drum mortality
Trout more likely to die after brief time out of water
Fish fought to exhaustion
Mortality rate increases with tagging
Depth and mortality
Effects on populations of anglers killing fish
Mortality high for a number of species
Onset of death
Temperature effects on death
Tournament-related death
Review of mortality studies
Wounds from hooks
Heart stress
Stress in rock bass
Trout stress after handling
Stress in rainbow trout
Stress increases chance of later death
Stress in largemouth bass
Effects of hook and release on salmon
Effects after release
Effects of angling on tunas, sharks, and marlin
Hooks found in sharks
Nests disrupted for black bass
Nests disrupted for smallmouth bass
Reproduction disrupted
Weakened immune system
Live Bait
Landing nets
Keep nets
Net harm
Deep hooking
Deep hooking - 35% death rate
Deep Hooking - 53% death rate
Deep hooking - perch and bass
Deep hooking in sailfish
Deep hooking in tuna
Bird victims
Dogs victims
Swans victims
Other animals victims
Intelligence and Memory
Blind Mexican cave fish encode spatial map
Cooperation between groupers and eels
Fish capable of learning and remembering
Goldfish learn maze
Trout lean to avoid net
Tusk fish uses rock to open cockle shell
Zebrafish remember tank task after 10 days
EU recommendation concerning farmed fish
European Food Safety Authority
Professor Victoria Braithwaite
RSPCA Medway Report

Fish Pain