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Do fish feel pain?

This site presents facts from scientific research to show that fish feel pain, and expose the cruelty involved in angling.


Many people who pursue bloodsports have an excuse ready. Anglers like to believe, or pretend to believe, that fish do not feel pain. This cover story allows them to stick hooks into fish, causing stress, fear, and sometimes death.

Recent scientific babble has been offered up to defend this cruelty. Vested interests have tried to undermine and distort reputable research, which, in reality, increasingly shows that fish do actually suffer.

Unhooked is opposed to vivisection. However, a great deal of the evidence presented in this site has been gathered from this quarter. It vital is that we use the results of what has been done, so that the victims may potentially help millions of other fish, so that they have not suffered in vain.

Scientific papers
Links have been made to scientific papers where they are publicly available. Where this is not possible, links have been made to abstracts (summaries). Papers can be bought from the publishers, or obtained through a library.